Slim Patch

Product name:Label lose weight belly fat burner wonder patch mymi FDA CE

Ingredient:Semen cassiae torae, Poria cocos, Maythorn, Immature bitter orange,

Scutellaria baicalensis, Alisma orientalis, Angelica sinensis, traces of plant extract



1. Get rid of phlegm dampness, constipation and simple obesity.

2. Evenly reduces and block the absorption of grease, sugar and starch.

3. Help burn the fat and detoxifying the toxin cants accumulated in the body.

4. Significantly and effectively slims up the whole body.

Packing:5 pcs/opp bag, 5 pcs/box. or customized 

Storage:Sealed in a cool and dry place

Shelf Life:2 years

Specification of Slim Patch

1. 100% Brand New and High Quality .

2. Material: Non-woven fabrics .

3. Color:Yellow .

4. Size Approx: 20*31cm.

5. Package: 5 pcs.

6. Function:Belly slimming patch 


During using the patch, you should take some sport, and do not eat oily food or spicy food , then you will get better results

1. Clean and dry the skin;

2. Open the package and paste the slimming patch surrounding the navel. Keep away from wounds.

3. One piece each two days. Wear the slimming oatch for 6-8 hours.

4. The slimming effect would be better together with diet and sports.


1.For external use only.

2.The lean and those with skin allergies should consult a physician expert before use.

3.Individuals with eating disorders should consult a doctor before use.

4.Pregnant women, breast-feeding women and Children under 12 years old are prohibited to use.

5.Women who is in menstrual period can not use.

6.Sensitive skin people are prohibited to use.

7.Do not stick the patch onto the broken or ulceration skin.

8.This product can only be a one-time use.

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