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How to make skin fairer? It's looks really easy


Cleopatra only loves roses, bathing, beauty, and makeup are inseparable. For beauty, she even covered the entire palace with roses, and the nourishment of roses also made her more attractive.

A bunch of roses, in the eyes of ordinary people, may only look beautiful, but in the eyes of professional aromatherapists, the energy contained in flowers is huge.

Today introduced products are: Dozran Rose Brightening Essential Oil that can brighten and improve skin dullness.

On the road of whitening, we use the power of nature to make it more whiter and brighter.

① "With the power of the plant itself help the skin say goodbye to dullness "

In this age of nicotinamide and oligopeptide, there are always some people who are insisting on the development of ancient but natural skin care methods. They insist on natural ingredients, natural formulas and natural usage, and strive to achieve satisfactory skin care results.

In the Douzan R & D team, centered on international aroma therapists, with many years of skin care product R & D staff, they are familiar with everything about skin, from skin structure to possible skin problems.

But in professional aroma therapists areas, most skin problems can be solved and alleviated with essential oils. From the results, it was a right decision.

Now it looks like the right decision.

② The skin is rough and dull for the following reasons. See how many symptoms you have!

Stay up late often, stressful

Staying up late will cause the skin to lose moisture and nutrients, slow down metabolism, and when the skin is not well repaired, it will make the facial skin look tired.

The direct expression is: dull, rough, matte.

The stress can make the mood unstable and cause skin yellow.

Ultraviolet radiation

When the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, melanin appears. When the melanin accumulates to a certain degree, it will precipitate on the skin surface and make the skin dull and yellow.

Skin aging

As you get older, your skin will begin to age and collagen will be lost, which will eventually lead to dull skin.

Cuticle accumulation

If the exfoliated horny skin is not cleaned regularly, it will accumulate on the skin surface, which will make the skin unable to absorb foreign nutrients, thereby making the skin rough.

Dry and dehydrated skin

The skin is dehydrated. It looks like a withered flower. It looks dull and dull. Over time, the skin will show fine lines and dry lines.

③ Essential oil composition, give you gentle healing and care

Essence oil is good or not, you will know the moment you open it

A small essence oil can take care of your skin to a large extent, and it can also have a certain healing effect on the soul and achieve more results with less effort.

In order to get the best skin care experience, what the aroma therapist asks most about the formula is to choose the right essential oils.

Don't choose the most expensive, but choose the right one.

Which brightening and whitening essential oil to choose? How many ingredients are added? What to choose for a nourishing base oil? What is the ratio?

Aiming at the cause of dull skin, after intensive discussions by the aromatherapist team, it was decided to finally use rose oil with neroli oil as the main functional ingredient, with jojoba seed oil and sweet almond oil as the main base oil.

This combination of ingredients can not only whiten and brighten the skin tone, but also dredge the skin pores and supplement nutrition.

After trying again and again, we made countless samples and finally made the correct essence oil in the mind of the aroma therapist. "The moment I smelled, I felt that this time was finally right!"

Rose essential oil is called "Queen of essential oils. It has a very powerful beauty and skin care effect. It can whiten skin spots externally, improve skin dryness, and regulate endocrine function. Rose essential oil can also boost mood and relieve nervous tension and stress.

Neroli essential oil contains a variety of whitening active ingredients, which can export the melanin in the skin layer by layer, and discharge the garbage accumulated inside, leaving the skin with no burden and glowing pink and white. The delicate and gentle fragrance of orange blossom essential oil can soothe and improve the mood of depression.

Jojoba seed oil can quickly penetrate and soften the skin's cuticles. It has a good moisturizing effect. It is rich in vitamins, proteins and other nutrients, and it is a base oil that can be used by various skins.

Sweet almond oil is an oil with excellent skin moisturizing effect. It is a natural wetting agent. It is rich in various nutrients and can help the skin to be smooth and soft. In addition, sweet almond oil has the function of blocking ultraviolet rays. Good base oil.

④ We are not only professional, but also focused

Dozran is a brand of Shouzheng Technology. Use the power of natural plants to give people the love of healthy life and the pursuit of beauty. Make this natural and healthy lifestyle accessible to all consumers

Dozran's research and development team is centered on international aroma therapists, focusing on essential skin care for various skin problems.

Essential oil is a very amazing thing. When you use it, there will be infinite magic to attract you. —— Dozran

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