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Congratulations on Signing Cooperation Successful


Today, I am very honored to witness the signing ceremony of the cooperation between Manager Ma and Peter. 

Congratulations on the signing of this cooperation agreement consummation. 


Please allow me to begin by, on behalf of sosun, extending my warm welcome to experts from home and Australia. 

In response to the needs of the company's development and the market, more and more diseases have become younger in recent years, and the number of sub-health has increased. When people are well-fed, their thirst for health is becoming stronger and stronger, and health will become the basic goal of people in the new century.

So what kind of manufacturers to choose for long-term cooperation is particularly important. During the signing period, we tested the product usage and quality and Peter gave a high evaluation. We must not only find professional formulators and factories, but also meet our ordering requirements, reasonable prices, and quality services.

Through the formal signing of this cooperation agreement, a new friendship bridge has been established between us and a friendly partner has been formed. I believe that in the future we will definitely achieve new performance and move towards new glory.

Finally, I wish you all good health and good luck

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